Turán Week

in the Alfréd Rényi Institute

2-6 October, 2000

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of Paul Turán's birth

All Institute Seminar on the Power Sum Method
 Monday 14:00 Introduction to the power sum method by G. Halász
              Extensions of Turán's first main theorem by F. Nazarov
              Applications of the power sum method in number theory by J. Pintz
              Estimation of a pure power sum by A. Bíró

Turán Memorial Lectures of 2000
   H.L. Montgomery:
 Tuesday   14:00 The local distribution of prime numbers and the zeros
                 of the Riemann zeta function
 Wednesday 14:00 Beurling's generalized primes
 Thursday  14:00 Greedy sums of distinct squares

Number Theory Seminar
 Tuesday 15:30 Mellin transforms of the second and the fourth powers of
                               Riemann's zeta-function by M. Jutila
               The fourth moment of the Dedekind zeta-function of imaginary
                               quadratic fields by Y. Motohashi
               On additive arithmetic functions by I.Z. Ruzsa
               On multiplicative properties of sum sets 
                                         by K. Gyõry and A. Sárközy

Analysis Seminar
 Monday 17:00    Turan and special functions by R. Askey
 Wednesday 15:30 On a Tchebyshev type problem by Á. Elbert
                 The rough and fine theory of interpolation by P. Vértesi
                 On rational approximation by J. Szabados

Combinatorics Seminar
 Thursday 15:30 Turán type extremal problems. An introduction by M. Simonovits
                Ramsey-Turán type theorems by E. Szemerédi
                Turán's theorem, 60 years later by B. Bollobás
                On Turán numbers by A. Sidorenko
                Extremal hypergraph results for triple systems by Z. Füredi
 Friday   16:30 Two applications of Turán's theorem by G.O.H. Katona
                Turán and the Sylvester-Hadamard conjecture by G. Szekeres

Algebra Seminar
 Friday 15:00 Statistical properties of partitions by M. Szalay
              Statistical group theory by P.P. Pálfy

Set Theory Seminar
 Friday 14:00 Set mappings by P. Komjáth

 Friday 19:00 Everyone may speak of his or her relation to Turán, his or her
                                memories of him.

Those wishing to take part or speak on the banquet should indicate this wish to
G. Halász (turanhet@renyi.hu)